Complete Project BIM


Complete project BIM is used to help geneal contactors get through any BIM project.  Whether you are wanting to start using BIM on every project or it is just a requirement on one specific project, Symphony handles the entire BIM process from beginning to end.  We handle everything from BIM Proficiency Matrix and Execution Plan to submitting your final As-Built models with all of the submittal informaiton entered into them.  This solution is the fastest and most direct route to a completed BIM coordination model before the job ever starts.  By using a complete project solution through Symphony, you save time, which in turn saves money. 

Individual Discipline BIM

Have a project requiring BIM?  Symphony provides BIM servies for MEP and Fire Protection contractors.  Wheather you complete some projects in-house, and just need a little more help, or you don't want to mess with the headaches that come with intergrating BIM, Symphony has a solution that meets your BIM needs. 

Additional Services


For the Electrical Contractor

Symphony's roots are grown out of the Electrical Contracting world.  We first started using layout and coordition on electrical projects over 10 years ago.  Drawings were a lot flatter back then, but with all of the advancements in software and 3D development the possibilites are almost endless.  Symphony shows electrical contractors how to increase production with the intergation of BIM.  Learn how to use BIM to increase your installtion times and expand your pre-fab abilites.

For All Contractors - Trimble Point Placement

Want to use a Trimbel Total Station but you don't have someone to create the drawings and points. Symphony can modifiy drawings and create Trimble points for your next or current project. 

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